Top 6 Things You Can Do in Colombo

Colombo is a cosmopolitan city that houses more than 5.5 million people. It is a mixture of different ethnicities like Hindus, Christians, Muslims, and Atheists. As far as culture and architecture are concerned, it is again a mixture of modern and traditional designs or structures. It was a town in the 5th century and grew into a big state of the USA.

Here we will explain about 6 top things that we can do in Colombo. You will find them very interesting, so stay with us till the end.

Tuk-Tuk Ride

Colombo has hot weather, and it’s not easy to walk around on foot. Tuk-tuk is the ride that you can get anywhere in this place. This fun ride is useful for locals as well as tourists. You can explore this place through this ride as you can find them everywhere, and they can do you at any point. You can ask them to give lift, or they will ask you themselves. Especially after dark, it is great to have this ride.

Old Dutch Hospital

Do you want to have a great lunch or dinner after a long ride around Colombo? Well, The Dutch Hospital is the right place to satisfy your appetite. In the Fort area of this place, this Dutch hospital is known as one of the oldest buildings that have a very traditional vibe. The restaurants and cafes provide high-quality food which every tourist love to eat.

Beira Lake

Beira lake has very beautiful colored water, but that is not natural. It is all due to pollution but still looks breathtakingly beautiful to the eyes. It has an island at the center with a shrine that people like to visit.

Gangaramaya Temple

This Buddhist temple is filled with so many things that you can explore as a tourist. It has so many pretty yet scary things. There are a great library, museum, and gifts given by the worshipers and devotees. It contains so many buddhas made with plastic and gold. No one has ever seen more buddhas at one place as this temple.

Streets of Pettah

Pettah is one of the most popular districts of Colombo that has so much to offer, like music, food, culture, traditions, and much more. You can roam around to see the madness of the shops, the markets, and stalls.

Galle Face Green

In the southern region of Colombo, The Galle Face Green is the fort area. There is beech that has a green lawn on the opposite side. It is made perfect for people who would like to walk or run. You can even enjoy football and cricket at this place.


Colombo is not only a great place for trade between Europe and Asia but has so many other attractions as well. We are sure that the above explanation and options will help you a lot in your upcoming visit to this place. Keep in mind that there is so much more to explore; however, the above ones are top-rates among all of them.

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