Top 6 things to visit in Cyprus

Cyprus is a small island with beautiful, peaceful beaches, monasteries, churches, and galore. If you are a sun and sand type of person who loves to explore the history and archaeological beauty, then Cyprus would be the best tourist place.

The name of the top 6 places are given below that you should visit once you land in Cyprus:

1. Nissi Beach

Nissi Beach is a famous beach in Ayia Napa, Cyprus. You should start your tour by spending a day on Nissi Beach. A perfect place for enjoying the calmness, beauty, and glory of Cyprus. The sparkling and crystal clear water of the beach would be a treat to your eyes and body.

In summers, this beach gets crowded with tourists and rows of summer beds because no one can deny the beauty of this place, and everyone loves to visit this beach just to have a pleasant time there.

2. Kyrenia

This small beautiful town is in North Cyprus. There is a Kyrenia castle that you might want to explore as it shows the history of Ottoman time, and you will be able to have a super fantastic view of the whole town from its top.

The waterfront area and the narrow roads with wooden made houses on the side give an exotic feel. You can spend your whole day there simply strolling in the streets of this town while absorbing the magnificent timeless view in yourself.

3. Cyprus Museum

How about you take a visit to the Cyprus museum? Here you will get to know about the history of Cyprus. Cyprus has many museums, but nothing’s comparable with this beauty. You will see the life evolution from the Neolithic age to the Ottoman era.

There is a huge collection of terracotta votive statues from the 7th century BC in this museum.

4. House of Dionysus

This site is located in the Paphos resort, and it is known for its vibrant and excellently preserved colored mosaic floors. The Paphos archaeological site has the remains of ancient Paphos that once were home to Greco Romans.

5. Troodos Villages

This glorious village that has stone-cut cultural traditional houses and cobblestone alleys is in the southwest hill region of Cyprus. It has churches and monasteries that you would love to visit and explore. Even nine churches of Troodos village have received the world heritage status title from UNESCO.

6. Cape Greco

If you don’t like to be in crowded places for much time, Cape Greco is the best escape plan. A pretty peaceful coastal park with walking trails where you can spend your time while treating your eyes to the local flora.

The final word

If you want to describe the beauty of Cyprus in a single word, then that would be magnificent. All the attractions are worth exploring. You can spend your peaceful vacations on this small island and visit one attraction a day. This place is simply a peaceful treat to your eyes and mind.


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