Top 6 Things to Explore in Trinidad and Tobago

It is a fact that Trinidad and Tobago are entirely different islands. However, they are in connection as they are a part of the same country. They are located just near Venezuela and towards the southern side of the Indian islands. The architecture and culture of this island are a mixture of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Amerindians. Other than this, the landscape and beaches of these two islands are breathtaking and extremely relaxing for the eyes.

Here, we are going to share the top 6 things to explore in Trinidad and Tobago. If you are interested in visiting these islands on your next vacation, this information would greatly help.

Port of Spain, Trinidad

It is the business center of this island that has colonial-style architecture. It is known for tourist attractions like Queen’s Park Savannah, mansions like Magnificent Seven, and the impressive Red House Parliament. Moreover, botanical gardens, art, and music galleries exhibit this place’s beautiful history and culture.

Caroni Bird Sanctuary, Tobago

This sanctuary is located on the southern end of the Port of Spain. It is the nesting place of Scarlet Ibis bird, so nature lovers could find this place very attractive. Also, there are waterways along the mangrove forest on this island. One can have boat tours around the place to explore and photograph the birds, beautiful sunset and capture rich biodiversity.

Mount St. Benedict Monastery, Trinidad

On the northern hillside of Trinidad, Mount St. Benedict Monastery is the landmark standing in all its glory. It is known as The Abbey of Our Lady of Exile. It is popular among people due to its beautiful nature. It is self-sufficient and open to stranger visitors. It offers guesthouses, rehabilitation centers, as well as farms, and other religious buildings.

Fort King George, Tobago

This fort and museum were built in the late 1780s and very well-preserved till-date. There is a town, lush green port, lawns, and other beautiful plantings. It also encloses the old officer’s mess, the lighthouse, cannons, prisons, and much more.

Maracas Bay, Trinidad

Marcas bay in Trinidad is filled with coconut trees. If you start from the port near sain, you will get to see the most amazing mountain views along with scenic peninsulas. This beach with golden sand is close to the city and has hillsides at the ends. The beech has amazing sitting arrangements and availability of showers.

Englishman’s Bay, Tobago

If you want to have a picnic, pack your bag and go ahead around 2 kilometers Cascara to reach one of the top locations. Hills, gorgeous golden sand, palm trees, and jade-green seawater make this beach one of the most beautiful spots in the world.


Overall, both islands are very popular when it comes to their landscape, beeches, architecture, culture, and especially birding. One should discover these two islands and explore the most exotic places in the world. These alluring islands would allow you to do the most rewarding things as they are among the top attractions in the world.

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