Top 6 Places to Visit in London

Top 6 Places to Visit in London

If you are planning a London sightseeing tour, then make your list of the most attractive spots. From the modern London eye to the traditional Tower of London, you have to see all the landmarks. Once you reach London, use the London attraction applications to chalk out your whole trip. Here we will share the top 6 places to visit in London.

Your trip to London would be incomplete without visiting these places.

Shrek’s Adventure

The Shrek’s Adventure in London takes the visitors on a whole different journey. They experience the friendly life of Shrek and the family in a very light mood. The tourists can attend almost 10 fairy tales during the visit.

The London Eye

You can climb on the London eye to explore the most attractive spots of the city. The unforgettable views and various landmarks of the city could be visited by choosing the right London eye out of 32 glass capsules. You will get a 360-degree view of the surroundings while sitting in the capsule.

Sea Life London

Kids love to visit Sea Life London because they get to experience the blue sea life through it.

  • It hosts almost 400 species of fishes, whales, sharks, etc.
  • Also, there is a clownfish aquarium that attracts the attention of every kid that comes to this place.

Seeing the stunning stingrays, sea urchins, and turtles is such a good sight for the children.

Buckingham Palace Garden

No one will give you an invitation to come and visit the Buckingham palace garden. Right now, it is open and free for the public to explore it the way they would like. You can get the entry to the Garden, but not to the Staterooms. So, pick up your tour bag, pack the refreshments, and come to this amazing place.

Emirates Airline Cable Car

If you want to get a stunning view of the city, glide over it in the emirates airline cable car.

  • This cable car leaves the Greenwich Peninsula after every half a minute.
  • Also, it is available in the Royal Docks as well. You can travel through it in the daytime to see the beautiful city views.

Those who want to see twinkling lights at night can choose to glide over the city at their preferred time.

Tower of London

The tower of London, along with Yeoman Warder, is one of the best tourist attractions in the world. You will be able to explore the 900-year-old palace, the arsenals, execution places, and jewel houses. Also, the exceptionally peaceful and calm environment of this place is a great experience in itself.


London has many kids and adult-friendly places that families could visit on the sightseeing tour. The above top 6 places in London are mainly based on the number of visitors. You can also get rankings based on historical importance, scenic beauty, accessibility, and many other factors. Explore places according to your preferences and make the most of your London tour next time.

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