Top 6 Places to Explore in Colombia

Colombia has something for every visitor because it has beaches, mountains, coasts, and rainforests. The traditions, culture, and heritage of this country reflect the native people and the Spanish people who came to live here many centuries ago. A few decades ago, it was not a safe country to visit as a traveler. However, the efforts of the government made the image softer with time. Now, it is counted as one of the best tourist attractions in the world.

Here we will share the top 6 places that everyone should explore in Colombia. Let’s get started with each one in the section below:

1.      Cartagena

In America, Cartagena in Colombia is the best-preserved colonial destination. The historical walls of the city buildings give the vibe of the ancient era. There are luxury hotels and restaurants, but they are beautifully renovated buildings of the past time. You will find catholic churches at the top of almost every plaza in the city.

2.      Popayan

Among the colonial cities of Colombia, this one is the most impressive. Its location is on the western side of the country and has white houses. Thus, also known as White City. In the 16th century, the country started to attract more and more Spanish people. It was mainly due to its amazing climate. Those people found this place best for building mansions, schools, churches, and monasteries.

3.      Eje Cafetero

It is known as the third-largest country that produces high-quality coffee. The taste of their coffee is unmatched by any other in the world. There are luxurious farms where the tourists can come and stay. It is also home to the world’s tallest palm trees.

4.      Medellin

Forget about the cocaine cartel of this city that was very famous towards the end of the last century. Also, do not pay heed to the dangerous and unsafe culture that the city used to have in the past. It is because now it has evolved more than ever before. The modern city has the best climate in the world. This city is known for its gorgeous flowers. There is an annual event of flowers on 12th August.

5.      Leticia

This place is best for wildlife safaris and eco-tourism. There is a mighty Amazon river on one of its sides. It is where it meets up with Brazil and Peru. Due to the unique, attractive spots, this city has attracted a lot of visitors from neighboring countries.

6.      San Agustin

It is an old town that has remains of traditional civilizations and mesmerizing landscapes. There is a huge archaeological park in the city. The monoliths and statues in this park date back to 100 A.D and 1200A.D. There are also many stone cravings that many people find mysterious.


Colombia is a peaceful, lively, and modern country. You will find all sorts of tourist attractions in this place. This country is rushing headfirst into a very great future, from tropical forests to snow-capped peaks, coasts, and deserts.

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