Top 5 Places to Visit in Ireland

Ireland is so rich in its culture that it leaves an amazing sparkle in your eyes if you visit it once in your life. Overall, the people of this country are very friendly. Its history is fascinating, the landscape is breathtaking, and it has a very diverse culture. You can call it the Land of Saints. It means that the literature of this place is one of the top ones in the world. Other than this, the places to visit Ireland as a tourist are numerous. Let us explore the top 5 of them in this article:

The Ring of Kerry

It is almost an 11-mile-long route for tourists who experience the most scenic views inarguably in the world. You also get to see the Atlantic Ocean views along with many mountains, villages, and jaw-dropping islands along the route of this place.

There is an option of cycling, walking, horse-riding on the beach. Those who are enthusiastic about history also find it amazing because of the presence of monasteries and forts.

Grafton Street

It is a street that is known for its flower-sellers and performances of artists. You might find multiple shopping streets all over the world, but unlike this amazing Grafton street. It has a vibe of its own, mainly because of the café culture.

You may grab a coffee and roam around this shopping heartland of Ireland. Further, you can discover more around it by visiting the alleyways and side streets.

Trinity College

Trinity College in Dublin was created in the 1590s and is known as the world within a world. As you enter the gates of the college, you feel left out of the world outside as you experience the old age vibe and scholarly pursuit. To avoid the rush of the city and the monotony of life in general, people come to visit this place very often in the summertime.

The Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are wild, beautiful, and inspiring at the same time. It is one of the popular places in Ireland. Those who have read about it or have listened to podcasts or guidebooks about it would know that its real beauty is not even closer to what they have imagined through these sources.

It is located in the neighbors of County Clare and is known as the most famous trip from Dublin. Its highest-end is around 214 meters, while the extension is as far as 8 kilometers towards the Atlantic.

Powerscourt House and Gardens, Co. Wicklow

The stunning views, engaging history, and jaw-dropping mountains make this place a magnificent home for tourists. There are beautiful Italian gardens, 200 varieties of vegetables, flowers, and trees that are arranged around 150 years back. It is truly one of the majestic attractions of the country.


All the places to visit and explore in Ireland are infinitely varied. The abundance of beautiful landscape, rich culture, and history are making this country very welcoming and wonderful. Whenever you decide to go on vacations to this place, make sure you go through the above locations, and visit these stunningly beautiful spots.

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