Seven amazing things to explore if you are visiting Madagascar

Madagascar is a marvelous island country situated on the Southeast coast of Africa. It is the fourth largest island in the world. Antananarivo is its capital. This beautiful island is well known for its simple and friendly people, wildlife, and biodiversity. Whenever you visit Madagascar, there are amazing things to explore you should never miss, such as.

Royal Hill of Ambohimanga

Royal Hill of Ambohimanga has been a sacred spot for almost 500 years. This historical village was once home to Madagascar royalty and burial for their sovereigns. Here are many sacred places and things (Fountain, Sacred basins).

Isalo National Park

Isalo National Park is a paradise for those who love wildlife. This amazingly beautiful park is in the south of Madagascar and is spread over 80,000 hectares. Here you will get a lot of entertainment.

  • This Park is a natural habitat for several species of lemurs. As living close to humans, they are friendly to humans.
  • Here you will find long and short trekking paths.
  • You can also enjoy camping as camping facilities are also provided in the park.

Masoala National Park

This Park is in the northeast of Madagascar. Most of the park is situated in the Sava Region and a part of Analanjirofo and created in 1997. It is the largest of Madagascar protected land area. It covers 2300 square feet of rain forest and 100 square feet of the marine park.  Special features of this park are as follows.

  • It comprises widespread mangrove forests and eye-catching flooded marshlands.
  • The beauty of the place where the sea meets the rain forest is something beyond imagination.
  • This Park is home to nineteen lemur species, tomato frogs, red owls, chameleons, serpents, and many more.

Surfing Zones

Madagascar is a wondrous island country with plenty of coastlines as you can choose a surfing zone according to your taste and skills.

  • Southwest coastline is the best surfing place as it’s peaceful and no doubt you can catch uncrowded waves.
  • Anakin is the ideal surfing area for those who are experienced surfers because of its powerful waves.
  • Flame balls are known as the surfer’s paradise, but it is suitable for experienced surfers.

Avenue of the Baobabs

Avenue of baobabs is the most visited location in the reign. If you take a road to Manabe, a reign of western Madagascar, you will reach the avenue. It is an amazing sight where centuries-old Baobabs are lined up on both sides of a dirt road which is 853 foot long. It is a natural monument that is worth seeing.


Ifaty is a coast in southeast Madagascar that comprises two dusty villages. This place is very peaceful and close to nature. This coast is featured for.

  • This place is best known for diving and fishing.
  • Here you will enjoy gentle waters and traditional boats.
  • The inland desert area of this calm and cool coast is a wonderful thick forest.


Madagascar is a beautiful island country of wonderful people. A visit to Madagascar opens the door to amazing things to explore.

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