Seven amazing things to do if you are in San Francisco

If you are in San Francisco city then you must do the following seven amazing things just to make your time more fun and memorable:

1. Magowan’s Mirror Maze

You might have seen mirror mazes in the movies before, and they might look scary to you, but have you ever visited one? Well, a mirror maze can be so much fun. If you are in San Francisco, then you must go to the Magowan’s Mirror Maze.

2. Bike ride across Golden Bridge Gate

For all the adventure lovers who also like to try something new, you need to get a bike and ride across the Golden Bridge Gate. This bridge is one of the world’s seven wonders because of its orange arches being surrounded by the rocky San Francisco Shore and becoming one of the West Coast symbols.

3. Helicopter ride over the San Francisco City

Want to take a view of the whole San Francisco city? How about you rent out a helicopter and enjoy the ride? You can do that now because most tourists do that now just to have a scenic view of the city from a height.

4. Hot air balloon experience in Napa Bey

Have you ever been to a wine country before and took a tour of the whole valley? Well, you can do that in a hot air balloon that will take you in the air, and you will see the beautiful Napa Valley’s Wine Country for a more scenic view; you can go for a sunrise balloon flight, and once your flight’s lands you can enjoy sparkling champagne in your breakfast.

5. Underwater experience at the Aquarium of the Bay

You might haven’t experienced life underwater yet that how many types of sea creatures are living there. You can now do that at the Aquarium of the Bay located in Pier 39 San Francisco. There are about 20,000 sea animals in that aquarium.

6. Have some fun with seals at Pier 39

This place must be included in the list of doing amazing things in San Francisco. A fun day with the sea lions, live music, food, waterfront dining, and much more.

7. Sail in the waters under the Golden Gate Bridge

Last but not the least, it is time for some adventures in the water. You can sail in the waters under the Golden Gate Bridge by hiring a boat yourself if you know how to sail. Enjoy your time while popping up some champagne and enjoy the panoramic San Francisco city front view.

The final word

One can fall in love with San Francisco city because there is so much to explore, enjoy and preserve in your memories. We only talked about the seven most amazing things that you can do once you are in San Francisco city, but if you have more time, you better do something more fun once you complete the things we have already discussed above.

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