Seven amazing places to explore if you are in Scotland

Scotland is all about having memorable times, and you can visit the castles, explore the royalty and the beauty of this place. Here are these seven places that you must visit if you are in Scotland:

1. Edinburgh

Edinburgh has to be your first stop in Scotland. This city of Scotland is home to architectural beauty from different historical times. Every single building of this place shows the touch of royalty. The Grassmarket of Edinburgh is also quite famous because of its beautiful shops, galleries, and cafes.

2. Scottish highlands

Not everyone knows much about this hidden treasure of beauty. The magnificent, beautiful, peaceful Scotland highlands is just the attraction you would love to explore. You might have seen the beauty of this place in different romantic movie scenes before because this place is so exotic and romanticizes the scene to the next level.

3. Glasgow

Glasgow is the European cultural center as it is built on the River Clyde, and it has various museums, cultural festivals to celebrate, art galleries, and much more. The parks of this city are a treat to your eyes, and the friendly streets with friendly people will make your street walks so much memorable and fun.

4. St. Andrews

Are you a gold lover? Gold has always been a part of royalty, and St; Andrews is one of the well-known golf destinations in the world. Every year hundreds of gold lovers visit this place because of its dramatic courses, spectacular scenery. There is a British Gold Museum nearby that you must visit to get to know more about the Golf history.

5. Aberdeen

The very beautiful North Seaport city of Aberdeen has to be on your Scotland itinerary. You must explore every single corner of this beauty on foot. The architecture and the construction of the houses are worth praising.

Most people have known this city as the flower of Scotland because of the preserved lovely green places like the David Welch Winter Gardens at Duthie Park. There are beaches that you visit in Aberdeen, golf courses, or if you are a shopping lover, then you go for the shopping spree at the Old High Street.

6. Loch Ness

You might have heard about the myths of the sea monster Nessie before because this beauty of Scotland has many myths revolving around it. No one has seen that sea monster, but still, many tourists love to visit this one of the top attractions in Scotland.

7. Loch Lomond

You can visit Loch Lomond, both from Glasgow or Edinburgh. This place is for those who love to praise the beauty of nature and wants to spend quality time with partners. The view of this place is scenic, serene, as one can not express the beauty in a few words.

The final word

Scotland is all about historical buildings, royalty, nature, and beauty at its best. There is so much to visit and explore in Scotland, a perfect destination for your next trip.

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