Five best places to visit if you are visiting China for your next trip

China is among the largest countries in the world. It is on the third number. The land of China is extremely vast. That is why exploring the land of China will take you months and even years. Many beautiful destinations need to be explored while you are visiting China for your next trip.

Top 5 best to visit if you are visiting China for your next vacation

Two decades ago, people visited China only for the great wall and the Forbidden City in Beijing, but now, as years have passed, people have many beautiful landscapes to visit. Following are the top five best places you can visit while you are in China for your next vacation and trip. The experience is going to be a memorable one.

Beijing – the foremost Tourist Site and Gateway City

In recent times, Beijing is the capital of China. It has been the capital for six hundred years, along which many dynasties have passed. Beijing is one of those cities of china that are enriched with political, educational, and cultural aspects. Beijing and its history are traced back almost three thousand years ago. It is the transportation hub. Mostly the international flights arrive in Beijing. People from 53 countries can come for tourism to china. Places like the Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, summer palace, and Hutong are the most famous tourist places in Beijing.

Xian – Earliest Capital of China

Xian is known to be the heart of old china. In the list of the greatest old capitals of China, Xian is also included along with Athens, Cairo, and Rome. From all the way Eleven century BC Xian has been a hub for 13 dynasties of China till 10th century AD. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization has listed the city of Xian as one of the historical centers. You can explore the ancient culture of China in the historical center of Xian. There are extremely high-speed bullet trains between the cities of Beijing and Xian.

Shanghai – Depicts the Contrast of Cultures of Western and Eastern sides.

To explore the fashionable and modern side of China, the city of Shanghai is a perfect place. Two different names are given to Shanghai. It is sometimes regarded as the ‘pearl of the orient’ and sometimes as ‘Paris of the east. The most popular places in Shanghai are Yellow Mountain, Hangzhou, etc.

Hike the Guilin Mountains

The city of Guilin is famous for its beautiful green karst mountains, and they are standing on the vast plains of china. The Li River flows between the Karst Mountains. The most favorite place that tourists love to visit is Yangzhou.


The city has also become one of the most well-known traveling and tourism places. The movie Avatar highlighted the landscapes and the beautiful sites of Zhangjiajie. This place is also known as the ‘miniature of fairyland.’

Last thoughts

China has a vast variety of landscapes for its tourists to explore; these are just a chunk of it!

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