Five amazing places to visit if you are visiting Tokyo

Tokyo has everything that you would expect in a vacation destination. The infrastructure, kind people, mouth-watering food items, vibrant shades of their culture, and their traditions. There is so much to explore if you are visiting Tokyo any time sooner.

Here is the list of top 5 amazing places that you need to visit in Tokyo before going or doing anything else:

1. The Imperial Castle

You must visit the Imperial castle in Tokyo as it is one of the beautiful and historical attractions. This castle is surrounded by moats and walls, and still, the Imperial royals live there. You will be able to have a close look at the lifestyle of those royals.

The structure is phenomenal, and you might get a bit astonished that how people managed to construct it back in 1475.

2. Senso-Ji Temple

While visiting Tokyo, how about you visit a holy place? The exquisite temple Senso-Ji is a piece of art. It is so graceful, and you will see how people pray there. For a closer look at the culture of the Tokyo people, one must visit this place.

There is a saying that if you leave a coin in the Omikuji boxes near the entrance of the temple, then you will get a chit that will tell you about your future.

3. National museum of nature and science

This museum is in Tokyo’s Ueno Park, and it opened in 1871. it is one of the largest, modern, and busiest museums in Tokyo. It has a collection of about 250,000 materials related to science and natural history.

One who has a taste of visiting and exploring history, nature, and science, this place is like a home to them. It will show you the fascinating world of science by displaying space development, nuclear transportation, and the latest technological adventures. You will gain a lot of historical information about Japanese history in this museum as well.

4. Tokyo Skytree

The view from the Tokyo Skytree is eye-catching, attractive, and something you might haven’t seen yet. The height of this Skytree is 450 mete. You can watch the view of the city from point one at 350 meters if you are scared of heights. From the height, you will be able to see the whole of Tokyo.

5. Shop from the Ginza District

Coming back without bringing any souvenirs from Japan is not fair. After exploring the attractions of Tokyo, now it is time to do a little shopping spree. For the shopping and if you really want to explore the culture of Tokyo city and people, then you must visit the Ginza District.

You can do the shopping from the market and streets of this district.

The final word

There are a lot of places to discover in Tokyo, but the attractions we discussed above. You will cover almost every aspect of Tokyo because you will get to know the culture, holy places, history, beauty, and traditions from those mentioned attractions.

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