Are You In Hamburg? Do These 6 Things!

If you ask a German what city to explore, many will tell you about Hamburg. This city has a lot to offer; from its historic art to fun and exciting venues, you will amaze by this place!

Six exciting things to look forward to in Hamburg:

Miniatur Wunderland

One of the biggest attractions this city offers is this place, which is the world’s largest miniature railway station! The Miniatur Wunderland covers the historical sites of Germany, some areas of the USA, and Scandinavia. Many small vehicles in the model function to enhance the realistic effects.Tourists visit the place by any chance and consider it Hamburg’s best adventurous site. If you plan to visit the city with your family, this should be the first place to visit!


This building is the brand new identity of Hamburg, as, unlike any other buildings, the architecture is the most unique. This site is a one-of-a-kind concert hall that has everything you may need. Pleasing atmosphere, music that suits your taste, variety of restaurants, and a room for a stay as long as you want.

Planten un Blomen

This gorgeous garden is located in the midst of the city and covers over 400,000 square meters! It is located right between the Elbe River and Alster Lake thus is all strung together. You will see the hundreds of colors from the never-ending variety of flowers and plants. So if you are a nature-loving person and would like to explore the never-before-seen species, this would be a great place to start with. You can also have a picnic with your loved ones or head over to nearby restaurants, as many are located around the area.

Alter Elbtunnel

Built-in 1911, it is located under the Elbe River. It was built as a long tunnel which can accommodate the use of cars and bicycles, as well as made for pedestrians. This tunnel is opened for unlimited hours, so no matter what time suits you, you can easily access any part of this building. Tons of visitors have appreciated the construction and the journey spent here; hence it is one of the highest-rated tourist sites.

Hamburger Dom

If you love theme parks and festivals, this place will be your first place to go to. Held three times a year, the Hamburger Dom is an iconic theme park and one of Germany’s biggest events. There is nothing this eventful place doesn’t have.

To preserve the thrill of this place, the team always manages to bring a new and exciting ride that will excite you.

Dialogue in the Dark

It is a local’s favorite site with a unique kind of adventure. The team invites you to experience as a blind person and explore the dark rooms to the best of your abilities. For many people, this was an eye-opening and fun experience as well. As an underrated place, this will be along with the many unique experiences of all time!

Final Thoughts:

With this many locations to look out for, we can assure you that you will have a great time in Hamburg. So, without another thought, let’s head over to the biggest port of Germany!

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