7 Amazing Things To Visit If You Are In the Philippines

The Philippines is home to many tourists, and there are undoubtedly reasons for it. Not only are the locations to fathom, but there is so much to look forward to doing here! If you are wondering what you should be doing, then here are the seven things, which you need to check off the list!

Hinatuan Enchanted River

This sea is the heart of all seas, and you will see why it is so. Since there is very limited little human activity allowed, this place has been preserved for the longest time.

You can enjoy drinking, swimming, and spend time at a nearby hut, located at this beautiful spot, as long as you wish for. However, be careful not to litter the place!

Manila Ocean Park

A surreal aquarium that holds many marine life species and amazing fun activities and shows wait for you! The wildest attraction of this park is its Oceanarium which pets over 270 species. Once you enter the walkthrough, you and your family and friends won’t stop gazing over the scenery. With an educational activity area provided, children too will remember, along with their memories of this heavenly place.

National Museum of Philippines

Located in Manilla, it showcases the essence of the Philippines! It is full of historical artifacts, art pieces, historical preserves, and the list goes on.

With four dedicated buildings, recognizing each with a different category, you will find yourself exploring each bit of Philippine heritage.

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

This national park is another one of nature’s gifts on earth. With a widely known incredible cave, it goes through the underground river system via boat. Once you check the entire look o the cave, you will see why this place was mentioned among the wonders of the world; the sharp rocks over the cave’s roof and the golden spark reflections will blow your mind!

White Beach

Also mentioned as the Boracay Island, in Malay, this beach is amongst the top tourist attraction of the Philippines. You can enjoy every activity you might think of; parasailing, Jet skiing, sailing, boat riding, swimming, diving, or simply taking in the beauty of the place while staying near the white beach.

Burnham Park

Perhaps you are looking for some calm and cool time to spend without exerting yourself? It would be the best place for it. You may enjoy the view of the lake while boating; simply stroll over the area for a nice walk and everything in between. Many calm and cool rides will keep you refreshed and relaxed.

A Dive At Tubbataha Reef

Saving the best, at last, you must not forget the diving experience at Tubbataha Reef, as this diving exploration will stay refresh till infinity!

This triangle is enough for you to explore the diversity of marine life because it is situated in the Sulu Sea.

Final Thoughts:

You can enjoy different things here which can be perfect for you. With these many fun adventures, this trip undoubtedly will be among the best adventures of your life!

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