6 Amazing Things to Explore If You Are Visiting Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known as the wonderland. It has many beautiful beaches, lakes, mountains, hills, cloud forests, volcanoes, and wild animals. This is why people like to visit this place and spend at least a week exploring every aspect of it. Here we will explain the top 6 amazing things to explore if you are thinking about visiting Costa Rica:


Those who like surfing and beaching would love to come to this place in Costa Rica. There is also a fishing village nearby it, so the visitors can find good accommodation as well. The range of food items here is also immense; therefore, one can have the best time of life by visiting this amazing place.

The Cloud Forests

The cloud forest reserves of Costa Rica are most attractive for tourists from all over the world. The unique plants, birds, and wild animals give immense pleasure to the eyes during the drive through the forest. The cloud that covers the upper area of the forest is useful in maintaining the moisture of this place. Thus, the habit of this place remains intact no matter what changes occur in the climate around this place.

Manuel Antonio National Park

The inhabitants of this Manuel Antonio Park are wild animals. Along with this, there are forests and lakes around it that add magic to this location. Colorful butterflies and birds’ flitter around the trees; monkeys, squirrels, and sloths add a fascinating dimension to the beauty of this park.


This place is heaven for backpackers. The beautiful beaches and lakes along with affordable accommodation nearby make it an ideal place for visitors. You can find out many luxurious setups where breakfast and dinner are available at a very reasonable price range. There are also beeches with shady under trees, so one can peacefully sit and unwind at such a place.

Mal Pais and Santa Teresa

On the Nicoya Peninsula, this location is present that has waves of the river. This feature is making it attractive for visitors from all over the world. The main hotspots of the area are the village and beeches. A mixture of surfers and backpackers love to visit this place.

Arenal Volcano

The Arenal Volcano National Park is known as the top volcano location in Costa Rica. The hallmark of this place is the presence of a cone-shaped volcanic mountain with ash columns that stream downward when it’s windy. Since 1500 A.C, the volcano was dormant, but the eruption in 1968 was so huge that it killed around 86 people.


Costa Rica is the country that attracts tourists from backpackers to surfers, bird-watchers, and luxury travelers. The lovely tourist places like those given above are a source of peace and comfort for the visitors because they are unlike any other place in the world. The towns, landscapes, mountains, and waterways are adding so much to its beauty, so you should visit them as soon as possible.

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