6 Amazing Places to Visit in Egypt

Egypt is known as a place with dazzling temples, churches, tombs, and the birthplace of Pharaoh. These things wow all the tourists because these treasures are unlike any other in the world. The adventures and attractions of this country are unique and fascinating, so you should also add this to your bucket list. Here we will help you figure out the top 6 amazing places to visit in Egypt:

The Pyramids

This wonder is a huge landmark that is still existing in Giza city of Egypt. Travelers come here to visit this huge. The tombs of Pharaohs like Khafre, Khufu, and Mankkaure are the top most attractive spots for visitors. It is just at the edge of Cairo’s sprawl, and it is an undeniable prominent spot of Egypt for tourists.

Abu Simbel

Ramses II temple is located in the Abu Simbel city of Egypt. It is a fascinating city with so many temples, but this one is considered a landmark. In the 1960s, UNESCO listed it among the world heritage sites. It is an incredible engineering wonder because of the complex building structure and incredible architecture.


The most peaceful and comfortable town in Egypt is Aswan. It has windy waves around the edge of the city due to the Nile river. It is the perfect place for those tourists who live to chill out in a calm environment and unwind their minds from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Red Sea

It is a world that lies underwaters, and it is more fascinating than the temples and tombs of the land. Soft corals and reef fish are the most prominent components of this sea. Divers like to move around them and experience this incredible world. Traits of Gubal head to Hurghada or El Gouna are the best sites around the coast of this sea that tourists like to visit.

Nile Cruising

The Nile defines Egypt, and it is the hallmark or highlight of this country. The most prominent event of people’s visit here is the multi-day cruise tour around the waterways of the Nile. It is an extremely relaxing route that lies between Luxor and Aswan. The sunrise and sunset of this river, the dunes around it, and the scene of the rise of the Pharaonic era make this place magical for visitors.

Luxor’s Karnak Temple

The Luxor’s Temple is located in upper Egypt, where the tourists come gushing over the amazing architecture and structure. There are lush farmlands on the western side that give a breath-taking view from the top of the temple. It is also known as an open-air museum that tourists like to visit from all over the world.


Plan your visit to Egypt as soon as your next vacation time comes near. You will have a great chance to relax your mind and sightseeing in this amazingly beautiful country. The above six places are listed among the top 6 ones in the country for the last couple of years, so you must never miss them if you get the chance to visit them.

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