5 Amazing Things to Explore If You Are Visiting Croatia

Croatia is known as a historic city that is filled with amazing natural beauty. Moreover, there are various galleries, museums, restaurants, and shopping centers in this place. The capital city of this country is among the top attractions for tourists all over the world because of the cost. Alongside the cost, there are various spots and activity points that one can explore.

Here we will explain to you all about the amazing things that you can explore if you are planning to visit Croatia:

1.     Trogir

The dalmatian coast of this country has a fascinating town at one of its ends, the Trogir. It was founded in 380 B.C, and over time it has been ruled by Greeks, Hungarians, and many others. In 1997, this place was given the level of world-historical heritage site by UNESCO. The old historical building that dates back to 1400 years is also properly preserved here.

In addition, it has some of the top-rated restaurants and hotels. The cuisine of this country is one of a kind. There are Cathedrals as well, and the architecture of these buildings is still unique and protected by the community.

2.     Diocletian’s Palace

The Diocletian’s Palace is located in the Split city of Croatia. It is present alongside the Adriatic Sea. This palace has almost around four monumental gates. Three of them are accessible through the land, while the one has an opening into the water. There is also a very decent bell tower at the top, which looks stunningly beautiful.

3.     Zadar’s Romanesque Churches

Zadar is known as the cleanest city in the world in terms of its atmosphere. The city is free from cars; thus there is no air pollution. The famous Romanesque church has beautiful religious arts and artifacts that date back to the 11th century.

4.     Zagreb’s Gornji Grad

The Zagreb’s Gornji Grad The upper town of the capital of Croatia has this medieval Gornji Grad. It is mainly known for the Cathedral that has a large collection of religious art. There is also a church over here called St. Mark. It has the most famous roof that has unique tiles.

5.     Sibenik

This place dates back to the 11th century, thus considered a historic site by UNESCO. Just like other parts of the country, there are so many things to explore here. The architecture of buildings over here dates back to the 14th century.

There is St. James cathedral that UNESCO recognizes as one of the finest churches in the country. Other than this, this place has its delightful tradition and cultural vibe.


If you plan to visit the East European side of the world, make sure you do not skip Croatia from the list. Your travel experience will be incomplete without exploring the amazing places and things of this part of the world. It is extremely welcoming to foreigners. So, add it to your visiting list today, and visit as soon as possible.

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